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High Frequency 

High frequency current was first developed in the late 1800′s by renowned scientist Nikola Tesla. While it offers a number of functions, prior to the invention of ‘modern’ antibiotics, it was largely used for medical purposes such as an anti-bacterial treatment for strep throat and other infections.

By the 1970′s, European spas and salons discovered the cosmetic and healing benefits of high frequency electrical stimulation and by 1980, the the technology became widely used in North American by skin care professionals. The safe, non-invasive technology was quickly found to be very beneficial in the treatment of many skin conditions ranging from acne to wrinkles.

Widely used by prestigious spas and professional salons throughout the world today, this gentle healing technology has become an important component of many facial and skin care treatment regimens, procedures and programs.

In an effort to correct spinal joint misalignments and restore the nervous system to its optimal condition, Chiropractors use many different forms of the healing arts.  One type of therapy that has become common in many chiropractic offices is the use of ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound is an extremely high frequency sound that is out of the range of human hearing but in the case of alternative medicine, the use of ultrasound is known as therapeutic ultrasonography.

High Frequency
  • Germicidal action drying and healing
  • Reduces the size of enlarged pores
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Stimulates circulation in the blood 
  • Diminishes inflammation and increase healing
  • Increases metabolism of cell, help skin breath and excrete
  • Tone, tighten, and stimulate natural collagen formation 
  • Increases glanular activity
  • Eliminate Toxins Deep within the Skin
  • Generates heat inside the tissues and improve skins condition
  • Nourishes the skin's surface and renews underlying cells 
  • Promote wounds to heal up, and strengthens skin immunity 
  • Aids in deeper penetration of products into the skin
  • Increased production levels of Collagen and Elastin soften and smooth away wrinkles
  • Strengthen lymph action and encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Produces an enriched form of oxygen providing the skin with a firm, youthful, vibrant glow
  • Reduction in the appearance of congested, tired, puffy eyes
  • Revitalizes scalp conditions which can aid in promoting healthier hair growth.
High Frequency Treatments

Lymph is a natural body fluid, and the lymphatic system, a secondary circulatory system to the blood, is one of the body’s natural waste removal systems. When toxins accumulate in the lymphatic system, due to poor nutrition, constipation, pollution, dehydration and lack of exercise, the body becomes sluggish, and possibly sick. This is also how cellulite originates: clogged lymph nodes become lymph lumps, the fatty deposits we know as cellulite. The pulsating "oxygenation" action produced by high frequency current aids in lymphatic drainage and disperses excess fluid while increasing blood circulation.

For Chiropractors, ultrasound therapy can be useful for many different patients.  The ‘micro-massage’ that ultrasound creates can help reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and decrease pain, stiffness, and spasms, making it a viable therapy for numerous applications.  From patients who have suffered car accidents or have chronic back pain from any number of sources, ultrasound therapy can be helpfull.

Ultrasound treatment sends painless high frequency sound waves to the area or areas with soft tissue injuries creating a heat response beneath the surface of the skin. This treatment increases metabolic activity through this deep tissue heating and micro-massage. The treatment also increases collagen/soft tissue elasticity and reduces adhesions and with other chiropractic methods can speed recovery from many common injuries.